No-Call Sign Up

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I created this No-Call Sign Up because a lot of people that are scheduling only do so after watching just one video, which doesn't really tell you a lot about the program or who I am and what I do.

The following questions were created to: fill in the missing details of the program in a No-BS-straightfoward way allow you to self-qualify as long as you answer honestly

Do this: Go through the 3 pages honestly and you will land on 1 of 3 options: I cannot help you I might be able to but we need to speak first Go ahead and sign up

Please take the few mins to answer these and if it is a good fit, I welcome you to sign up!

***remember: we're in the middle of the pandemic. This means that everything has changed with the world and the bureaus are not excluded from this. The timing factors are due to the credit bureaus and not me. If you would like the fastest program and to obtian services with the ONLY company that offers the copies of disputes, does all items and bureaus at the same time and does not use templates, then I welcome you to fill this out!